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Survival Strategies for Today Businesses? is built to improve healthcare products distribution and supply chain in Nigeria and all over Africa through the application of innovative technology and superior logistic process and services using online(electronic) marketplace by applying digital marketing technology and techniques. Currently team is working on the online market place: which will serve as a one stop shop for medical or healthcare products. The website will house numerous companies that distributes or manufacture healthcare products. website is payment enabled for payment at checkout using Paypal, Paystack and bank transfer using various bank’s electronic transfer methods.

Shipping is also integrated on the website to get the products ordered to their destination. has several vendors and sellers online. These shops enables this retailers to sale beyond their bricks and mortar shops. However, Distribution center in cities to serve as pickup and distribution centers is to be setup soon to enable us achieve a fast delivery of every order made on the market place.

Our mission is to provide medical supply channel and hub in major cities of Africa starting from Nigeria for quality and affordable healthcare.

Our vision is to improve healthcare and healthcare products distribution in Africa using technology.

Our core value is Speed, Innovation, Trust, Excellence and Customer Obsession.

Categories of Sellers account on our websites are four:

1. Basic: max 5 products listing with no promotion.

2. Standard: max 10 products listing with promotion

3. Corporate: max 50 products listing with promotion.

4. Premium: unlimited products listing with promotion.


A vendors who subscribes to one of the above will have their product listed on team of experts will engage aggressive digital marketing strategies, to drive traffic of businesses such as laboratories, clinics, research organizations, NGOs and government agencies, secondary and tertiary institution of learning who are in need of medical products of various categories to the sellers on

Medfonts logistics team will also engage in aggressive offline marketing of platform in order to push buyers to in workshop and conference exhibitions.

Also, Medfonts Logistics value added services will include custom clearing services for distributors and manufacturers in Nigeria. We will organize promotion for hospitals and healthcare businesses. Our customers shall include sellers on one hand (dealers, distributors and manufacturers of healthcare products both within and outside Nigeria) and on the other hand every buyers and users of healthcare products (federal medical centers, university teaching hospitals, general hospitals and clinics, laboratories and pharmaceutical retail shops and NGOs and research organizations).


The cost for vendors subscriptions for all package above will be sent to you on request. 


Finally, our long term goal: to stimulate Nigeria market to become the foremost manufacturers and distributors of healthcare products in Africa.



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